Error-Free Inclination Measurement for Dynamic Applications with the Inertial Measurement Unit F99

With the new version of the inertial measurement unit F99, Pepperl+Fuchs now makes inclination detection in dynamic applications even more precise. This is made possible by the sensor fusion algorithm, which for the first time can be configured for a wide range of applications and motion patterns. This allows the new IMU F99 to be perfectly adapted to the circumstances and conditions on site. In combination with the robust design, the inertial measurement unit ensures greater flexibility and highly precise, error-free measurement results for dynamic inclination detection in demanding environments, such as when monitoring the steering angle limit of wheel loaders.

Intelligent IMU with 3-In-1 Principle

The inertial measurement unit IMU F99 combines inclination measurement, accelerometer, and gyroscope in one device. The intelligent sensor fusion algorithm of the inertial measurement unit is able to link the acceleration and rotation rate measurement data in such a way that the system can compensate for external accelerations without any loss of time. With the new version, this sensor fusion algorithm is now individually configurable for the first time and can therefore be precisely adapted to the motion pattern of the respective application. Users can select the type of acceleration compensation in the software and at the same time specify a suitable compensation range. These configuration options improve angular stability during external accelerations and ensure that the IMU F99 always delivers optimal measurement results—whether for short-term impact effects such as a pothole or for linear acceleration trips. Users also have the option of outputting both raw and compensated data, allowing them to use all acquired values according to their needs