JUMO MIDAS C12 CA − Less is More Cost-optimized pressure transmitter for all types of compressors

The JUMO MIDAS C12 CA pressure transmitter has been especially developed for applications in compressors. This ceramic sensor precisely acquires relative pressures and it provides a reliable signal with long-term stability. By deliberately dispensing with unnecessary features, a significant cost optimization was achieved.

The custom-fit design of the compact housing in aluminum or stainless steel is based on the requirements of the compressor industry. Due to the standardized design, startup is particularly easy so that no service or maintenance is required by the user.

This device is available with 4 different measuring ranges up to 16 bar. The linearity deviation is 0.4 %. An output signal of 4 to 20 mA is available for the two-wire pressure transmitter. The JUMO MIDAS C12 CA has a G ¼ DIN 3852-11 process connection. Plug connection DIN EN 175301-803, form A is used as the electrical connection.


Image caption: The JUMO MIDAS C12 CA pressure transmitter is the perfect match for all types of compressors.