Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. Announces Release of NZ2FT Series Slice Distributed I/O Solution

This solution is one of the first Slice I/O to be compatible with the CC-Link IE TSN time-sensitive network.

NZ2FT Series is a modular distributed I/O system that operates currently as a remote station for EtherNet/IP, Profibus DP, and Modbus TCP device-level networks. It offers a scalable architecture that accepts a wide range of mix-and-match I/O configurations. This type of remote I/O solution is ideal for machine builders and manufacturing facilities seeking moderate concentrations of modular I/O.

The solution features several components, including the coupler module, power supply, and compact I/O that assembles on a DIN rail to form a remote system, or node. The modular design accepts I/O concentrations from four, eight, and sixteen I/O points, making it cost-effective for machine builders. NZ2FT Series is also designed to be easy to implement, service, and maintain for end users.


NZ2FT Series Slice Type Remote I/O (


Detailed information can be obtained from: Vladimir Vedgun (   //  +38(067)658-08-12)