Point level measurement in sticky bulk goods

MOLOSroto level switch with annular gap flushing

To control the filling level in sticky and adhesive bulk goods is a challenging task. Most of filling level measuring devices do not do justice to this. Such materials often appear as intermediate products of the manufacturing process in batch mixer or homogenizer, that are often pre- or post-mounted to the batch mixers. During the manufacturing process of various products liquids such as molasses, oils or fats are often added to the dry bulk goods. After the metering of these liquids the adhesive forces of the mixture increase significantly. Therefore, the level indicators in the following bins and hoppers have problems with caking and significant soiling and often supply no more reliable measuring results.

Especially for these difficult applications MOLLET Füllstandtechnik developed a great problem solving. The anyway very robust and insensitive rotary paddle devices of the MOLOSroto-series get an annular gap flushing with pressurization as an additional option. For that matter, low volumes of pressurized air or inert gas stream permanently through the annular gap of the sealing and flush it. Thereby the jamming of the lip of the sealing ring is avoided and the gap is cleaned. The over-pressure encapsulation protects additionally the shaft bearings against penetration of moisture from the wet, oily or glutinous media. Thus, a reliable level monitoring is always warranted even in such difficult products.