GSR Ventiltechnik (Germany)

GSR Ventiltechnik (Germany)

Valve solutions for the world – Made in Germany
Welcome to the world of innovative valve technology

 Over 45 years of experience in development, production and worldwide distribution of solenoid and pressure-operated valves makes GSR Ventiltechnik your partner for reliable valve technology.
Beside our standard product range, we are covering

 High-pressure valves up to 1.200 bar
Low-pressure valves up to -0.9 bar
High temperature valves up to +450°C
Cryogenic valves up to -196°C


The supply program of the CSC-AUTOMATIZATION company includes millions of items of equipment from world manufacturers. As of 2016, our company represents on the Ukrainian market products from 43 manufacturers from Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden and England.