Unlock the performance of machines with new advanced drive solution

Mitsubishi Electric’s new MELSERVO MR-J5 series of TSN-compatible servo drives meet today’s exacting requirements for precision, dynamics and multi-axis synchronisation in food and beverage, life sciences and printing/converting production applications.

End users and machine builders can drive up the performance of their lines and systems thanks to a frequency response of 3.5kHz and a communication cycle time of 31.25µs.

Further, with the associated MELSERVO J5 motion module, users can synchronise up to 256 axes. A key enabler for improved performance across multi-axis servo systems is the integration of CC-Link IE TSN (time sensitive network) technology with 1Gbps transmission speeds, assuring synchronisation across all connected devices – including safety devices, which can be connected on the same network as standard control products such as inverters, HMI and I/O.

Other network protocols such as EtherCAT are also offered as standard. Predictive maintenance functions have also been embedded, helping to reduce unplanned machine downtime and drive-up asset availability, so saving both time and money. These functions are powered by Mitsubishi Electric’s Maisart AI technology, allowing this new servo drives series to detect mechanical component deterioration on the machine long before a maintenance is required.

The MELSERVO MR-J5 series enables users to save time and money in other areas, too. Machine wiring has been simplified with a new single cable – for encoder, power and electromagnetic brake – with a new one-touch lock connector which eliminates the need for tightening screws. The 26-bit absolute encoder offering 67 million pulses per revolution ensures precise motion control in demanding applications, while the elimination of the need for an internal battery reduces maintenance costs.


Detailed information can be obtained from: Vladimir Vedgun (Vladimir_Vedgun@kck.ua // +38(067)658-08-12)