E2S (UK)

E2S (UK)


E2S is the world's leading independent signalling manufacturer with the most extensive product range of life saving signalling equipment in the market. We specialise in the design, development and manufacture of high performance audible and visual signals for commercial, industrial, marine and hazardous locations with over 20 years of expertise. E2S head office and manufacturing operations are located in London, UK with extensive facilities for design, manufacture, quality assurance, testing and dispatch along with a customer service centre serving global markets.

As experts in designing and manufacturing signalling devices E2S quality and product standards meet and exceed many worldwide standards. As well as having ISO9001:2008 certification, E2S extensive in-house testing facilities such as, an anechoic chamber for sound measurements, spectrometer for light analysis, environmental test chamber and EMC test facility, ensures that our products are tested and verified to operate in the toughest of environments. In addition to internal testing E2S products are assessed and certified by several leading independent quality assessors and certification organisations around the world for conformity and safety.

Underpinning our product development strategy is a close collaboration with our customers ensuring we create effective and functional products to meet your needs and those of ever changing markets. Working together with system integrators, engineers, specifiers and clients we have developed product solutions to precise requirements with substantiated benefits such as ease of interface, installation, programming and overall performance that all our customers can benefit from every day.

Through close collaboration with E2S Company "CSC-AUTOMATION" is expanding its product line and can solve any engineering problem, and provide technical support to industry and issues alarms


The supply program of the CSC-AUTOMATIZATION company includes millions of items of equipment from world manufacturers. As of 2016, our company represents on the Ukrainian market products from 43 manufacturers from Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden and England.